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Minuet Weigela
A COPF introduction developed at the Research Station, Ottawa, Canada. Flowers freely, slightly fragrant. Corolla tube and outer corolla is ruby red, petal lobes lilac purple, throat is yellow. Hardier than other dwarf cultivars.
Container Size  #2
Price  $ 33.39
First Editions® Shining Sensation™ Weigela
A blooming machine, with pink funnel-shaped flowers that bloom in May and June, and then sporadically bloom through summer. Shiny, burgundy foliage appears as though it has been polished, and contrasts nicely with the pink flowers, making this new selection from Europe a cut above the rest. Long, arching stems provide a handsome architectural element to the mixed border.
Container Size  #2
Price  $ 40.79
First Editions® Rainbow Sensation™ Weigela
Even before the first flowers appear, Rainbow Sensation™ will brighten your garden with its attractive, variegated foliage. Dense clusters of soft pink flowers bloom profusely in May. Weigela is especially well suited to urban environments where it performs beautifully with minimal care.
Container Size  #2
Price  $ 36.19
Sonic Bloom™ Pearl Weigela
    The flowers open pure white with a yellow throat and then change to pink, giving you multiple colors on a single plant. The flowers really pop against the bright green foliage. Blooms in May and reblooms until frost.
Container Size  #2
Price  $ 43.19
Sonic Bloom™ Pink Weigela
Loads of hot pink flowers in May are followed by waves of blooms until frost. No deadheading is needed to see strong reblooming through summer and fall.
Container Size  #2
Price  $ 43.19
Polka Weigela
Attractive, clear pink flowers with a yellow inner throat. Profuse bloomer. Compact grower with thick, dark green leaves. Developed at the Ottawa Research Station in Ontario, Canada. A COPF introduction.
Container Size  #2
Price  $ 31.59
Red Prince Weigela
Developed at Iowa State University. The most important characteristic of this plant is its ability to hold its flower color (red) as they age rather than taking on a purplish tint which often happens with other varieties. Hardier than W. 'Vaniceki'. Tendency for a secondary bloom in late summer, particularly if spring bloom was sparse.
Container Size  #2 - 31.99 / #3 - 35.69
Price  $ 31.99
Rumba Weigela
A compact shrub of up to 3 feet in height and spread. Bronze-purple tinged leaves and dark red flowers with a yellow throat. Flowers from June to September. Developed at the Ottawa Experiment Station in Canada.
Container size  #2 - 33.39 / #3 - $35.69
Price  $ 33.39
Sonic Bloom™ Red Weigela
The lipstick red flowers are remarkable enough to make this a choice selection, but a burst of flowers in May followed by waves of rebloom until frost make it a must-have shrub. Deadheading is not needed to keep the plant blooming.
Container Size  #2
Price  $ 43.19
My Monet®Weigela
This little masterpiece has a compact habit and colorful foliage, not to mention purplish-pink blossoms, and is very versatile. Attractive in drifts along annual or perennial borders. May also be used as an accent in a decorative container. Adds all-season color to any garden situation. (CPBR3315)
Container Size  #2
Price  $ 43.09
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