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Butterflies, hummingbirds and bees love our flowers! If you are looking for ornamental Grasses...
Colorful nectar producing plants are a favorite of ours too.  Our  greenhouses are stocked with gardener and wildlife delights.  Plants grown mainly for their foliage color and texture adds a creative dimension.

Astilbes, coralbelles and coneflowers may sound like old run ofthe mill plants.  But, look at them again!  Plant breeders are constantly coming up with new flower colors and leaf shapes making an old favorite into something new and exciting.  Us northern gardeners don't have to be envious of our southern counterparts.

We offer new plant varieties each season.  Most new to New Era plants have been on the market for 1-2 years with successful overwintering.  We strive to exceed your exceptations with plants that happily grow in hardiness zones 4 & 5.  Some zone 2 & 3 available too!

New Era Nursery grows most perennials in larger sized containers to give you great plant performance as soon as they are planted.  Large plants with well established roots will give your outdoor living area a jump start and overwinter successfully.  Over 300 varieties to choose from in the spring.  Additional varieties are always being added during the growing season.  Plants native to Wisconsin are available or can be special ordered in quantity.

Some examples of colorful perennials available include coneflowers such as Secret Affair, Flame Thrower, Julia, or Solar Flare; Coreopsis Mayo Clinic, Neon Sedum, or Hibiscus Plum Fantasy to name a scant few. 

Leaf blades rustling and waving in the breeze.  
Fluffy seedheads floating.

New Era Nursery has over thirty varieties of ornamental grass that provide movement, sound and texture in your garden throughout the year.  Easy care is another wonderful attribute.  

What's your pleasure? Six inches tall or 12' tall?  Blue, spotted, striped, bright yellow or solid green?  How about red? Need full sun or shade?  Grasses can acommodate many of your landscape design wishes.  Varieties offered at New Era are noninvasive, clumping forms of grass. 
Click Here for a list of available perennials Click Here for a list of available grasses

Kären has a passion for ornamental grass and perennials.  If you need help choosing the proper types and size for your design, she will help.

Our landscape ready grasses and perennials are grown in 1 & 2 gallon containers.  Plants native to Wisconsin are available.


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