Apple Trees

New Era stocks northern grown apple trees from northern Wisconsin and central Minnesota. If a tree can live there it certainly can live here.  Most trees range from 6' to 10' tall.  Most will have blossomed or have fruit set on them.  Sold in 7 gallon containers.

 Cortland Apple      Fireside Apple     Haralred® Apple      Hazen Apple  
Bright red, medium size, ripens mid season   (McIntosh x Longfield) Large red, sweet fruit.  Good storage life.   Great pie apple, sweet and very hardy.  Early season.   Sweet Flesh, Semi Dwarf Tree, Early Season, Short Shelf life.
 Honeycrisp Apple     Liberty Apple      McIntosh Apple      Norland Apple  
Ripens mid-season with crisp, juicy, sweet fruit with an excellent shelf life.        Medium size, sweet, heavy producer   Very early to ripen, very hardy tree.  Fruit stores for up to 16 weeks 
 Prairie Magic® Apple      Red Baron Apple      Red Delicious Apple     Red Duchess Apple  
Large, sweet, crisp apple with white flesh.    Medium size, yellow-red, crisp, sweet fruit.  Great pie apple.    Firm, crisp fruit.    Great apple for pie and sauce.  August ripen with short shelf life. 
 Red Regent Apple      Snowsweet® Apple      State Fair Apple      Sweet Sixteen Apple  
Juicy and crisp.  Good storage life.    All around good apple!  Very sweet and juicy.    Medium size, all purpose, early ripening fruit.    Very sweet and a bit tart apple that ripens mid-September. 
 Wealthy Apple      Winecrisp™ Apple      Wolf River Apple     Yellow Transparent Apple 
 Striped red coloring, tart, crisp apple.   Medium size, dark red skin with creamy flesh and a good storage life.    Large 5" yellow-green fruit with red blush.    Clear, yellow skin with white flesh.  Heavy producer that ripens late July. 
 Zestar® Apple      Colonnade® Bolero Apple     Colonnade® Maypole Apple     Dolgo Crab Apple 
 August apple that is crisp and juicy with a sweet/tart flavor.           Ripens late summer with 1 1/2" brilliant crimson fruit with a great apple flavor for jelly. 

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