Apricot Trees

Pioneer Chinese Hardy Apricot is a good choice for our area. Pioneer matures to a 10-15' tall self fruitful tree. (does not need another variety for pollination) Pioneer is a late blooming variety and a heavy producer of golden yellow firm fruit with reddish blush. It is a 'sweet pit' apricot in that the pit is edible and tastes of almond.  Zone 4-8.

Sungold Apricot Early August ripening. Bright Clear gold fruit. 1 1/4" fruit.  Zone 4 to 8 Reqires Pollinator, use
Moongold. 10-15' height

Apricot Early August ripening. Sweet with a slight acidity. 1.75" fruit hangs on tree until ripe. Ripens before Sungold. 10-15' Requires Pollinator, use Sungold.

Sold in 7 gallon container as 5-7' trees. 

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